Friday, December 2, 2011

Enjoying New Curriculum.

Last year, we used Abeka K5.  I think maybe it was too many books for our first year.  I needed something all-in-one.  Thankfully, I found it (on Craigslist too!).

This year we've been using My Father's World First Grade for our curriculum.  It is broken down by day with daily Reading/Writing, a Number of the Day, weekly Science lessons and Bible lessons, and a weekly memory verse from the book of Proverbs.  You can buy additional books for Art and Music lesson. 

So far I have really liked the lessons, but we go through them so quickly, I have also been supplementing with extra practice sheets and reading.  I can really appreciate the Bible lessons because not only do the kids learn verses (and discuss them for understanding, but they are also learning about Bible history, being introduced to Hebrew and Greek, and learning to use maps.

Here is one of my favorite projects, one that we did while learning Proverbs 12:18:  swords for reckless words, and band aids for healing words.