Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forgotten Treasures

Today's letter of the day was N. Rachel got a little frustrated while writing her lowercase N's and asked, "Mom, when will I be able to write neat like you?" I told her it took a lot of practice, and while she wrote a few more, I pulled out a special box from underneath my bed. It has all sorts of random papers from my school days, from preschool to high school, and I was able to find some of my Kindergarten papers showing that my writing wasn't always so neat. She loved looking through the box with me. What really was a surprise was the ziploc bag my mom had saved with hair from my first haircut at age 5. People find it hard to believe that I was once a blond, but here's the proof - it was a perfect match to Rachel's hair!

*Our favorite find: My Rhyming Color Monsters book...I wonder if I can find something like it online..."Brown, Brown, your jeans fell down!"

Mix It Up

For the first few weeks of school, Rachel was up, ready and eager to learn. Last week was the first time she just didn't want to do school "work". I try to add fun things to our day - our stretch and wiggle song and some sort of craft, but she just wasn't feelin' it. So, onto plan B. Fortunately, it was a gorgeous fall day outside, so we ditched the books; well, all but one. "Why Do Leaves Change Color?" by Betsy Maestro is an awesome book that explains the change in the leaves through all seasons and even has some pictures for identifying different types of tree leaves. So out we went, Mom, Big & Little, on our search for different types of leaves.

I was able to even throw in a little math. We counted leaves, added & subtracted leaves, and did leaf patterns. Here's to mixing things up!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Other Things Kids Say

Rachel just came to me near tears and asked, "Are Reese and me always going to be together? I mean when we get bigger. Not like I'm going to marry her, but what if I move to Alaska and Reese moves to Florida? It makes me sad to think about it. How are we going to be together?"
Isn't she a little young to be thinking these things?! But I LOVE that she loves her sister that much!! I assured her that sisters are best friends forever, and even if they move far away from each other, they can still talk on the phone or the computer and visit each other. And whatever the communication of the future will be. Teleporting or something.

Things the Kids Say

Brian singing to himself: ridin' solo, ridin' solo...
Rachel: Who's Brian Solo?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

monkey see monkey do

I don't know about other 4 year olds, but mine is terrible about holding her pee until the very last minute. And that minute usually happens in the middle of the grocery store when I have a full cart and a curious toddler to tote along with us into the tiny, nasty public bathroom. [as a side note: Thank God for the family bathrooms at Target!]
To keep this from happening more often, I'm really trying to remember - and get Rachel to remember - to use the bathroom before we leave the house. Today, I remembered while walking out to the car (better late than never!), so I told her to go back in and potty and come back out to the car. After a few minutes, she runs back out with an armful of sale papers from Sunday's newspaper proclaiming, "Mom! I brought all these coupons for Target for you!" What a good kid. I love how she picks up on my habits so quickly. Maybe I should start going potty before we leave the house too...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School in our Jammies

Today was officially our first day of school at home. Here's a peak at what we did:

8:30 am - Bible time using this Boz book. Today's lesson was "Jesus Knows Me". We also had prayer time.

9:15 - Breakfast. The girls both chose Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal :)

9:45 - Handwriting & Reading. Rachel practiced writing her A's, did a workbook page, and then both girls played on Starfall, doing the short a sections.

10:30 - Stretch & Wiggle time! We did the "Stretch It Out Simon" song. They loved it.

10:40 - Made a book all about Rachel to tie in with "Jesus Knows Me"

11:00 - Numbers. Rachel practiced her 1's and 2's and we did a workbook activity.

11:30 - "God's World" and "Health, Safety and Manners" - both A Beka books

12:00 - playtime

12:30 - LUNCHTIME! Pasta salad and chocolate covered frozen bananas for dessert