Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things Only a Mother Would Do

I usually don't let my kids bring a toy with them in the store, mostly because they would end up losing it.  But today was a running around town, no nap kind of day and one of our last stops was Target.  Rachel asked if she and Reese could bring in their horses (the small ones from the Lincoln Logs).  "Sure," I answered because I didn't feel like arguing.  Halfway through the store, Rachel says, "Reese!  Where's your horse?!"  We found it in the big part of the cart, and when Rachel wanted to get it out, I told her I'd get it when we were paying to leave.  Of course you know what happened.  We paid.  We went out to the car.  And "Ah!  Reese's horse!  You forgot Reese's horse!"  Reese could have cared less, but no-nap Rachel freaked out. 
"Mom!  Go get it!  You have to go get her horse!" 
I tried telling her I'd buy another horse next time. 
"No!  It won't fit with the Lincoln Logs!"
She had a valid point.  I tried explaining that our cart was most likely already being used by someone else.
"Pleeeeaaassssee, Mom!  We have to go find it."
So laughing to myself at the ridiculousness of what I was about to do, I got both girls back out of the car and went back into Target.  I eyed two women, each with empty carts, quickly leaving the dollar section.  I followed them, trying to see if the tiny horse was in their cart, but unfortunately they were not in the mood for browsing.  I had to follow both of them halfway across the store before one of them turned into the make-up and one to the greeting cards, and I was finally close enough to see The Horse!  Not only did I laugh at myself for cart-stalking, but also because now I had to explain to the lady why I needed to reach into her cart.  Thankfully she was totally understanding.  She has a granddaughter who also loves horses and would have had a fit if that happened to her. "Don't you worry, honey, I would have done the same thing."

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