Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you're really organized and plan ahead, you're probably already done with your Christmas shopping.  You're "one of those" who have shopped and stocked up all year long and finished up with a few last deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  But if you're like me, a major procrastinator, there are still gifts to be found and bought.  This one's for you.  Here are my quick & easy go-to gift suggestions:

For the Kiddos
These are tried and true favorites/most played with!
Fisher Price Little People - the beginnings of imaginative play!  Remember all the time you spent playing Barbies?  This is the 2-5 year old version.  We have the house, the barn, the castle and lots and lots of people and animals (mostly from yard sales :), and the girls play with them almost daily. 
Magnetic Doodler - aka "Magnadoodle".  We started with just one of these, and then the girls fought over it so much that we bought another.  We also have mini Doodlers for the car - great as stocking stuffers!
Tag Reading System from Leapfrog - I actually won this from a Leapfrog sweepstakes after Christmas last year and both girls have loved using it. I ended up getting a Tag Jr for Reese (age 2), but she can use the Tag pen just fine, and it reads both Tag books and Tag Jr books (the Jr only reads Jr books).
anything Crayola Color Wonder - This is one of my favorites!  If you haven't yet discovered this awesome line from Crayola, it is a mother's dream!  Mess-free markers and paint!  They are clear and only appear on the special Color Wonder paper - not hands, clothes or the wall!

For Me (and others like me)
You know all those techy gadgets that everyone has?  Well everyone doesn't have those, because I still don't!  I still don't own a smartphone or a gps or a flip video camera.  Mostly because when it comes down to spending money, I try to only buy things we need.  But I'd gladly take any of those as a gift ;) Anything that would make someone's life easier is always a good bet.

Gift Packages
For the people who have everything or whom you don't know well enough to know what to buy them.  A gift package is easy to put together and fun to receive!  Stick it all in a nice basket and add a bow!
  • Movies - a favorite movie, popcorn, a blockbuster/netflix gift card
  • Cookies - ready to mix cookie recipe and some cute cookie cutters
  • Cocoa/Coffee - a package of special coffee and a fun mug and some biscotti
  • Wine - a fav bottle, wine tags, bottle stopper, cheese, etc
  • Cocktails - all the makings of a favorite drink and a fun new glass
  • Music - concert tickets or an iTunes gift card & snazzy headphones
And when all else fails, bake a bunch of cookies, snag some gift cards or give to their favorite charity in their honor!

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