Friday, November 11, 2011

Sisters Word Art

Today I discovered something amazing:  wordle!  I've been looking for some "sisters" subway art and can you believe I haven't found anything decent.  I have this adorable green frame that I stuck in the girls' room that's just asking for some colorful word art.

Anyhow, I was browsing through some stuff on Pinterest, and came across a post that used wordle to design your own Christmas ornaments.  I gave it a quick try and after 5 minutes, came up with this:

Wordle: Sisters

Pretty cute, huh?  You just type in a bunch of text and then adjust the colors, fonts, and layout to your own liking.  You can even choose to make the words horizontal or vertical or more of either way.  I'm going to hang this one as a portrait, so I chose to make most of the words vertical on the layout. 

What a great way to throw together something new and fun in no time!  I think I'll make some for the holidays too!

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