Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seeds Family Worship

As part of our homeschooling, I try to have a weekly Bible verse for the girls.  This month we have started using Seeds Family Worship songs to help us learn the verse through music.  I have to say that all three of us have really enjoyed it; it is definitely geared toward the whole family, so we can listen to it over and over without me wanting to pull out my hair!  :)

I've even found some great coloring sheets to go along with each verse/song at Totally Tots.  If you're looking for worksheets and projects to do with your little one, this is a great website!

A unique and awesome feature of Seeds Family Worship is that when you order an album, they send you two identical CDs - one for you and one to pass along to a friend!  You can also purchase the mp3 album through Amazon

Check out the website for more info on Seeds Family Worship and how you can even have a Seeds live event at your church!

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