Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mix It Up

For the first few weeks of school, Rachel was up, ready and eager to learn. Last week was the first time she just didn't want to do school "work". I try to add fun things to our day - our stretch and wiggle song and some sort of craft, but she just wasn't feelin' it. So, onto plan B. Fortunately, it was a gorgeous fall day outside, so we ditched the books; well, all but one. "Why Do Leaves Change Color?" by Betsy Maestro is an awesome book that explains the change in the leaves through all seasons and even has some pictures for identifying different types of tree leaves. So out we went, Mom, Big & Little, on our search for different types of leaves.

I was able to even throw in a little math. We counted leaves, added & subtracted leaves, and did leaf patterns. Here's to mixing things up!

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