Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School in our Jammies

Today was officially our first day of school at home. Here's a peak at what we did:

8:30 am - Bible time using this Boz book. Today's lesson was "Jesus Knows Me". We also had prayer time.

9:15 - Breakfast. The girls both chose Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal :)

9:45 - Handwriting & Reading. Rachel practiced writing her A's, did a workbook page, and then both girls played on Starfall, doing the short a sections.

10:30 - Stretch & Wiggle time! We did the "Stretch It Out Simon" song. They loved it.

10:40 - Made a book all about Rachel to tie in with "Jesus Knows Me"

11:00 - Numbers. Rachel practiced her 1's and 2's and we did a workbook activity.

11:30 - "God's World" and "Health, Safety and Manners" - both A Beka books

12:00 - playtime

12:30 - LUNCHTIME! Pasta salad and chocolate covered frozen bananas for dessert

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