Tuesday, September 14, 2010

monkey see monkey do

I don't know about other 4 year olds, but mine is terrible about holding her pee until the very last minute. And that minute usually happens in the middle of the grocery store when I have a full cart and a curious toddler to tote along with us into the tiny, nasty public bathroom. [as a side note: Thank God for the family bathrooms at Target!]
To keep this from happening more often, I'm really trying to remember - and get Rachel to remember - to use the bathroom before we leave the house. Today, I remembered while walking out to the car (better late than never!), so I told her to go back in and potty and come back out to the car. After a few minutes, she runs back out with an armful of sale papers from Sunday's newspaper proclaiming, "Mom! I brought all these coupons for Target for you!" What a good kid. I love how she picks up on my habits so quickly. Maybe I should start going potty before we leave the house too...

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